Malay Morskaya

The flat is situated on the first floor of the 19th century building in the St Petersburg historic centre, and used to be a part of the suite of chambers belonging to the famous ballerina Galina Ulanova. The windows overlook Malaya Morskaya street and the palace of Princess Golitsyna, who went on to be the prototype of the countess in Pushkin’s short story The Queen of Spades.

French windows – a rarity among the old housing stock – make the flat truly unique. In order to play up this feature and expand the room visually the entrance hall, kitchen and living room have been united into one space. Excessive labours went into preserving and restoring the historic plasterwork elements on the ceiling.

In the centre of the living room area there is a storage system with mirror panels. Such a move allowed the massive storage system to dissolve visually, while mirrors opposite the windows fill the area with even more sunlight.

The walls are painted in soothing light-grey colour, while such details as the kitchen facades in oak veneers and the brass backsplash, along with the bedroom wallpaper imitating Boiserie panelling, add to the overall sense of comfort and coziness.

The flat is furnished with modern pieces of furniture and lighting fixtures, the bedroom and living-room walls are decorated with the works of trendy painters, Vera Trofimova and Stephan Spicher.

Historic elements and unique story of the building combined with modern details make for the exceptionally charming interior.

Year 2019
Country Russia